Committee chairs and vice chairs are responsible for recruiting 2 to 3 iWomen members to assist with committee work. Each committee will report on recent activities via the Committee Activity Report that is submitted to the staff office every other month. Each trustee will serve on a committee for a minimum of one year and may serve on multiple committees at the same time.

Membership Services:

Responsible for developing membership incentives, recruitment campaigns, other member benefits.
Members: Carol Brown, Amy Hanifan

Product Review/Safety:

Responsible for reviewing policies and products related to women in emergency services. Draft policy statements for board approval on behalf of iWomen.
Chair: Laura Baker
Members: Amy Hanifan

Marketing/External Relations:

Responsible for developing marketing plans, respond to requests from the media for information and/or public statement, and assist in development of a new conference show exhibit.
Chair: Deb Pendergast
Vice Chair: Sue Tamme

  • Sub-Committee Newsletter/Social Media:

    Responsible for soliciting articles for the monthly newsletters, format recommendations, increasing newsletter distribution via partnerships and affiliate organizations.
    Chair: Sue Tamme
    Members: Angie Hughes (Twitter), Laura Hunter

Bylaws/Policy Committee:

Responsible for revising the bylaws to provide guidelines for the iWomen organization.
Chair: Carol Brown
Members: Michelle Stanbury, Laura Baker

Fundraising/Grant Writing:

Chair: Laura Baker
Vice Chair: Susan Tamme, Laura Hunter Updated 8/20/2014

Recruitment/Retention Committee – Mentor Program:

Chair: Paige Day
Members: Jeanne Pashalek, Mary Beth Michos

  • Camps :

    Responsible for working on a tool kit to assist departments that want to start a camp in their community.
    Chair: Laura Baker

  • Sexual Assault Video/Resource Kit

    Chair: Angie Hughes and Sue Tamme
    Members: Helen Graham, Deb Pendergast

Conference for 2015:

Co-Chairs Susan Tamme and Tina Takahashi
Members: Paige Day, Lisa Baker, Michelle Stanbury

Health/Wellness Committee:

Chair: Carol Brown
Members: Paige Day

Special Projects/Work on behalf of iWomen:

NFPA Technical Committee on Fire Service Occupational Health and Safety (1500)

Sue Tamme

NFPA Technical Committee on Firefighter Professional Qualifications

Tina Takahashi

Vulnerability Assessment Project (FEMA & Honeywell sponsored project)

Susan Tamme

ProQual: Now and Beyond – NFPA project

Jeanne Pashalek

The Institute for Biobehavioral Health Research (grant project)

Carol Brown

Vision 20/20

Laura Baker

NFFF – Fire Service Research

Karen Simpson

Wildland Women’s Work Group

Helen Graham